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We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Coral Gables area from their patient reviews. Dr. Gordon Sokoloff and the staff at Coral Gables Dentistry are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Sokoloff.


Recent reviews for Gordon Sokoloff, DDS

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Claire M.

Claire M. via Yelp
Aug 15 2017
Best dentist I have ever had!Had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. No gas, just shots (that I hardly felt). Dr. Gordon Sokoloff is, hands down, the best dentist ever! He is highly skilled, stays current with the latest dental techniques, and is dedicated to the care of his patients.
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Suzanne M.

Suzanne M. via Yelp
Mar 22 2016
Who would have ever thought a trip to the dentist could be such a wonderful experience? Dr. Sokolof ‘s new dental offices are state of the art perfection on every level, and quite beautiful also! …
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Danielle Y.

Danielle Y. via Yelp
Dec 29 2015
This is the best dental experience that I have every had….by far. Dr. Sokoloff has been my husband’s dentist for years and I decided to transition once I left the Palm Beaches and moved more South …
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Pancho D.

Pancho D. via Yelp
Dec 3 2015
Dr. Sokoloff and his team are the best I have ever encountered in my many decades and dozens of dental practices visited throughout my life …
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Jenny B.

Jenny B. via Yelp
May 15 2014
By far the best dentist in the area!! The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. They greet you with refreshments and even hand you an ipod with a huge…
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Amanda K.

Amanda K. via Yelp
Jun 08 2011
Best dentist I have ever had!Dr. Sokoloff and his whole crew make you feel comfortable so at ease.
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