Fillings/Tooth Restoration Procedures

No one likes cavities, – but when required, Coral Gables Dentistry offers a variety of filling materials and procedures that are used to restore teeth.

Gold inlays, onlays, composite or porcelain inlays, and tooth-colored composite fillings are among the choices available.

Dr. Davila, Dr. Osorio, and their team will review all alternatives and help you decide the best choice for your specific situation.

Tooth Restoration at Coral Gables Dentistry


There are plenty of benefits associated with fillings including:

  • Enhanced oral health
  • Naturally beautiful smile
  • Restored functionality

How Do Fillings Work?

After a comprehensive oral exam, we will numb the selected area depending on your tolerance for pain. A drill removes the tooth decay and fills your tooth will the filling material. The filling material is added and cemented with a low-density light. You can now smile beautifully again!