Dental Crowns

What is a Dental Crown?

We have all heard of dental crowns, but did you know they can be used for many reasons beyond restorative? Literally, a dental crown in Coral Gables is a customized cap that is placed over your tooth. It’s commonly used for support after implant surgery or other restorative treatments.

Porcelain Crowns in Coral Gables, FL


Reason’s You Might Need a Dental Crown


Dental crowns are designed to protect already damaged teeth. Specifically, they cover the damaged tooth and prevent it from getting hurt further. Dental experts often recommend dental crowns due to their high success rate.

Dental Implant & Root Canals

Due to their protective nature, dental crowns can be used for supporting damaged teeth after repair. Dentists will actually use them to cover your implants after surgery. Furthermore, they can also be used after a root canal to protect the exposed root after the procedure. In fact, the crown is the part that matches the rest of your teeth so you can smile confidently again!

Improves Your Smile

Dental crowns serve a massive purpose in cosmetic dentistry. They are highly recommended for altering your dental appearance without surgery! You can select your desired color and shape and have them placed right over your natural teeth.

Additionally, crowns can be made from various materials, so do your research to find which one is best for you. However, dentists usually advise dental crowns to be made of porcelain for a few reasons:

  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Organically match the color of natural teeth

But, regardless of which material you select, your dental staff will ensure your new smile is consistent with your dental goals.

Restoring Old Teeth

Did you lose a tooth back in college and never bother to get it fixed? Well, these dental marvels can also be used for restoring older teeth! Now, when we say “older teeth,” we mean anything from a little gap to some severe damage.

Unfortunately, when gaps made by missing teeth are left alone, it causes malocclusion–also known as a ‘bad bite.’ When your jaw senses the extra space, it naturally moves your other teeth closer together, which causes bone loss. A dental crown can be used to bridge the gap and save your jaw from any unnecessary damage.

And the most common of emergency dental issues is the cracked tooth. Receiving a dental crown can hold the cracked tooth together and prevent any chewing force from hindering its form, allowing it to heal over time.

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Why Should You Choose Us for Dental Crowns in Coral Gables, FL?

State of the Art Technology

Our team in Coral Gables, FL, welcomes you to our facilities in Florida. We have a highly experienced team who is excited to give you the smoothest experience possible. We strive to be thorough and efficient so that we can fill all your dental needs in one place.

Our team uses digital radiography to take high-resolution images. You can also rest assured, our equipment is sterilized using the safest methods between patients. We want you to feel safe from the moment you enter to the moment your leave.


Our facilities are devoted to giving you the best dental experience and solutions. We are experts in prevention, dental fillings, dental crowns, and root canal treatments. We also offer oral cancer exams and consultations.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Miami has become infamous for its beauty and welcoming atmosphere. Over the years, it has grown to draw the attention of many celebrities, television personalities, and models. Every wonder how they get such perfect teeth?

We offer services for everyone, including:

• Teeth whitening
• Dental bonding
• Smile makeovers
• Dental crowns

Accessible to Anyone

We respect your time and thank you for choosing to schedule us into your busy lifestyles. Every day, we work a little bit harder on maintaining punctuality. In our office, you will never have to wait!

Additionally, we offer extended appointments for patients who have questions or simply want to better understand their teeth.

Expert Doctors and Friendly Staff

It is something we can never compromise on! At Coral Gables, we are a family of carefully selected dental experts prepared to cater to your dental needs.

Headed by Dr. Laura Davila, DDS, FACP & Dr. Cristina Osorio, DDS, we are eager to provide a helping hand to anything you need.

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