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Electric Vs. Regular Toothbrushes: Which one is better

We’ve all gone down the toothbrush aisle at the grocery store only to become memorized by the beautiful display of electric toothbrushes that are waving their brushes back and forth. However, with a cost that’s way more expensive than a regular toothbrush and with a lot of hype surrounding their effectiveness, it can be hard […]

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At-home Remedies for Helping with Toothaches

Getting a toothache can feel like getting hit by a car, except without actually getting hit by a car. Whether you’re experiencing shooting pain, a dull aching feeling, or just overall discomfort, these four tips will help you stay comfortable until you can make it to the dentist.   Swish that Salt Although trips to […]

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Common Dental Conditions to Be Aware of

In America today, there are several very common dental conditions you can avoid by simply doing what your parents and teachers have been telling you to do all your life – brush your teeth. True, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes you have to do a little extra work, like see your dentist or undergo […]

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